Rustic Ridge Lodge Rental Policies

Cancellation Policy

100% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 30 days before arrival or earlier minus credit card and website payment processing fees.

85% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 7 days before arrival or earlier minus credit card and website payment processing fees.

0% refundable if canceled after.

Security deposit

A pre-authorization of $500 is due 1 day before arrival and released 7 days after departure

Payment Schedule

50% due at time of booking.

Remaining balance due 30 days before arrival.

House Rules

Rustic Ridge Lodge is our second home, so please treat it with care and respect. Major rules are highlighted here. Please read rental agreement below house rules for expanded information on these and other rules.

  • Checking in and out: Check-in: 4 pm, Checkout 11 AM. Opportunity for early check-in or late check-out available when completing reservation online at the check-out page.

During Your Stay

  • 12 guests maximum - 8 Adults Max. Children 2 & Under not included in occupancy. 
  • Pets are prohibited as this is an allergy friendly cabin 
  • $500 Security deposit authorization taken 1 day before stay and expires 7 days after stay
  • Quiet hours: 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM, which breaks down to no loud music or yelling outside after 11 PM
  • No parties or events - No pin drop, or open parties. Cancellation of reservation and removal from premises will occur. Celebration weekends such as bachelor/ette, birthday, holiday, etc. need prior approval and may require further security deposit. 
  • No commercial photography 
  • No smoking of any kind inside of cabin. Ashtrays on decks available. No flicking butts off decks
  • Must follow hot tub policy as guest is financially responsible for any damage caused by misuse/neglect.
  • Follow check-out procedures located on refrigerator and also in your email sent two days before check-in.

Additional rules along with rules detailed above are found in the rental agreement below. You agree to the rental agreement when you book Rustic Ridge Lodge. Please let Rosalie know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the rental agreement before you book.

Rustic Ridge Lodge Rental Agreement

Rosalie is referred to in this Rental Agreement by name or as “I” "she" "my" or "host" and Rustic Ridge Lodge is referred to by names, as “lodge” or “cabin” in this document. You are referred to as “guest" "guests" "you" and/or "your." Rosalie is available to answer your questions 24/7. Her contact information will be given after reservation confirmation.

Preface: Rosalie loves to host guests at the lodge. This agreement is not meant to scare off guests who truly want to have an amazingly fun and safe cabin experience. It is meant to ward off college party ragers, pin-drop parties, and people who disrespect other peoples' property. She takes community/neighborhood safety seriously and welcomes the true traveler of adventure.

Age Restriction: Guest must be 25 years or older in order to rent with a valid ID. Government ID will be requested to verify booking and to obtain short term rental liability insurance.

No Third Party Bookings - We don't accept third party bookings (ex: another person rents for someone else and won't be staying at the lodge). Third party bookings results in termination of reservation without refund and removal from cabin.

Occupancy - Maximum occupancy is 12 guests which includes up to 8 adults. Children 2 and under are free. There is a $50 per adult fee you can add at checkout to include up to 4 more adults (to total 12 guests regardless of age sans infants). A $200 fee per person per night fee will be assessed for all undisclosed overnight guests. An Undisclosed guest is any guest who is not listed on the reservation/booking. Therefore all guests must be added to your booking. Please let Rosalie know if you have any special considerations she can help you with. it is your responsibility to provide a complete written list of guests staying at the lodge during your reservation prior to your arrival for check-in. Failure to do so may result in the above $200 fee per person per night. Your occupancy of the cabin is contingent and coincides with the dates and number of days you reserve Rustic Ridge Lodge through this website and when payment is made in full (see Payment & Unapproved Late Checkouts sections below for more).

Undisclosed Daytime Unregistered/Unlisted Guests Prohibited - Request for daytime guests can be made by sending Rosalie a message at or calling or texting her at the contact number given after reserving. A $200 fee applies per unregistered/unlisted day guest discovered.

Parties/Events - Celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and birthdays are welcome and need advanced written approval, follow occupancy and guest registration policy, and must not progress into prohibited activities listed below:
Host Prohibit Parties. Host defines a party as: "Open-invite gatherings, Disturbances to the surrounding community such as: Excessive noise, Excessive visitors, Excessive trash/littering, Smoking nuisances, Parking nuisances, Trespassing, Vandalism,...". Host broadens definition to include public indecency and public urination. Termination of reservation, immediate removal from premises, and a $500 fine will be applied if a party is conducted on cabin property. Additionally guest will be held financially responsible for all needed repairs of host property.

Pets: No Pets Allowed - While host loves all kinds of pets, they are not allowed at lodge due to family allergy issues and the lodge being an allergen friendly cabin. Some guests who experience allergies rely on our lodge to be completely dander free. Please consider a pet friendly cabin for any and all stays with animals. Undisclosed/Unauthorized pets will incur a $500 fee and extra cleaning fees/allergy cleaning services. Immediate termination of reservation without refund may also occur.

Security - For guest and the cabin's safety, 2 external cameras record/monitor video & audio on motion: 1 doorbell cam viewing front porch & 1 cam viewing driveway. Monitoring times include check-in, check-out or times security of guests or cabin is at question. A Minut device actively and continuously records/monitors internal environment such as temperature, smoke detection, carbon monoxide levels & decibel levels. Covering or disabling listed devices is prohibited and will result in guest reservation being terminated without refund and removal from the premises. Frequently asked questions about the Minut device can be found on their website. We value your privacy and no other cameras are located inside or outside of the cabin.

Indoor Smoking Prohibited - No smoking of any substance which includes, tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes, vaping, etc. We are an allergy friendly lodge. If there is evidence of smoking or lingering smoke in the cabin, a $200 fine will be issued as well as a fee for professional smoke abatement. Smoking guests can smoke out on the decks or by the fire pit. Throwing cigarette butts off the decks is a fire hazard and is prohibited. If butts are found in around the cabin, porch, or decks, a $200 fee is issued. There are ashtrays on decks and a large bucket with sand to dispose of cigarette butts at the firepit.

Hot Tub:
 Seven (7) people is the max occupancy for hot tub. Over max limit may create cracks, excess water spillage, and other damage. If water is displaced out of tub for any reason, tub will incur damage and stop working. Ensure hot tub is filled with water to the fill line located on the filter shield. Refill with water using hose and spigot located next to the hot tub. Guest is financially responsible for any damage to hot tub during their stay due to misuse. Please shower before entering the hot tub and use a hot tub towel provided. A $10 fee per bath towel bleached/damaged applies.  If the hot tub is found to be excessively dirty due to perfumes, lotions, soaps, spray/lotion self tanner, oils, etc., a $100 fee will be assessed to dump the hot tub water, clean, sanitize, fill, and balance new chemicals. Don't add bubble bath in the hot tub or other fragrance, soaps or oils. Glass is strictly prohibited around the hot tub as is smoking in the hot tub. A fine of $200 is issued if evidence of butts, ashes or other smoking paraphernalia is found in or on hot tub. Don't sit, stand, or lay on hot tub cover. Replacement covers are $400 and will be charged to guest if found damaged. In order to keep the hot tub water clear and clean, use the oxidizer located in the plastic locking case after the last soak of the day/night (located on the cabin near the hot tub). The combo lock number is 000. Stays longer than 3 days will include a cleaning and balancing of water at no additional charge. The floater located inside the hot tub is filled with bromine tablets to sanitize the water. This may be removed temporarily during use; however, it should be put back in your hot tub to continue the sanitizing process. Bathing suits may fade or stain and should be immediately removed and rinsed after soaking in hot tub. Rosalie is not responsible for damages or injuries to guests while using the hot tub. No children are to be left unaccompanied while using the hot tub. Please abide by the rules posted by the hot tub.

Quiet Hours 11 pm to 8 am - We strive to be good hosts and good neighbors. While the lodge is secluded, noise carries so please no outdoor loud music, voices, activity etc. past 11 pm. If authorities are called to the property for disturbance of peace or for any reason, it could result in immediate termination of your rental stay without refund. A fine may also be issued.

Heating & Cooling: If emergency temperature levels (50's F for AC or 80's F for heat) are used by guest, thermostat will lock to a range of 63 to 75 degrees F. Contact Rosalie via phone or email to discuss resetting.

Replacement/Cleaning Fee- Prevent stains on bedding, couches, or other fabrics by eating/drinking in dining spaces. A replacement or extra cleaning fee may apply to beds, furniture, bedding, other linens, and other fabrics that are damaged for any reason during your stay. Be sure to use hot tub towels instead of bath towels for hot tub use as a $10 per bath towel damaged will apply.

No Illegal Substances Or Activities On Premises 
- illicit/illegal substances prohibited as well as criminal activity, cyber or in person. If illegal substance/crime is known while guest is at cabin, termination of reservation without refund is issued and guest must leave premises immediately. If evidence of illegal substances or crime is found before, during or after the fact, a $500 fine may be issued.

No Undisclosed Firearms on Premises.
 If you'd like to bring a firearm, please let me know what you are bringing, where you will store it, how you are going to safely secure, and your plan to not forget it when you leave. That way I can ensure all firearms are off property before next guest arrives. A $500 fee will be assessed if undisclosed weapon(s) is/are found and/or witnessed. Online Travel Apps also have their own repercussions for undisclosed forearms which can be immediate termination of reservation and suspension from Online Travel Agency. 

No Hunting, Gun Sport, Or Fireworks
: No firearm discharge of any kind and no fireworks on the property. No hunting of any kind is allowed. Paintball, air guns, BB guns, target shooting, etc. are strictly prohibited. A $500 fee and/or cost to replace/fix property (whichever is greater) will be issued if damage to property occurs.

No ATV Use on Property.
 Storage on trailer is allowed, but no riding around. Towing vehicle and trailer must stay on gravel. Do not drive or tow on grass. Guest is responsible for reimbursing host for any monetary damages to property due to ATV Storage, towing, or use.


50% due at time of booking. Remaining balance due 30 days before arrival. Payment is due in full prior to day of check-in. If payment has not been received, check-in will be cancelled and door code will be rescinded. If it is found that payment has been denied for any reason during your stay, your stay will end immediately and you will be liable for any outstanding balance incurred. A pre-authorization of USD 500.00 is held 1 day before arrival and voided 7 days after departure.


100% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 30 days before arrival or earlier. 85% of paid prepayments refundable when canceled 7 days before arrival or earlier. 0% refundable if canceled after. Refunds initiated by guest between 7 and 30 days before check-in will incur a credit card and website processing fee in the exact amount charged to process guest payment(s).

Circumstantial Refunds: No refunds will be given due to guest illness, weather conditions or for early departures. Please buy a travel insurance policy for your stay. Rosalie will not issue refunds in the event of public utility/service connectivity problems or Acts of God.  Additionally, you are renting a cabin in the woods and therefore you will be in nature. No refunds are granted for encounters with nature's creatures inside or out. Host routinely screens and defends against pests and rodents and does all she can do to  prevent encounters inside the cabin.

Early Check-In/Late Checkout: If you require an early check-in or late check-out, Rosalie would love to help out. Inquire via message on the OTA app you made your reservation with as soon as you can so she can see if it's possible and if additional fees apply. Early check-in/late check-out is approved when Rosalie gives written approval to your message. Otherwise, your door code is valid until 11:15 am.

Unapproved Late Checkout: In order for cabin to be ready for next guest, please check out no later than 11:15 am if no prior written approval was given for late check-out. A fee of $50 accrues for every 15 minutes after 11:15 am until guest checks out with all their property. If guest or guest items are occupying the cabin after 1:00 pm, the police will be called to escort guest(s) off premises for trespassing/loitering and a $500 police dispatch fee applies. Guest property may be picked up at an offsite location.

Check-Out Procedures 

  1. Remove all short shelf-life items from refrigerator - feel free to leave leftover condiments in the fridge for the next guest but please discard milk, produce, etc. that goes bad fast 
  2. Ensure the microwave, stovetop, and oven are free of food/grease debris. Leave cast iron on stove (wipe it out) - no dishwasher for them.
  3. Ensure countertops are free of trash and food debris
  4. Load and start the dishwasher
  5. Place towels in bathrooms
  6. Pick up all trash inside and out and place in trash bags. Make sure to get trash from all decks/patios and firepit as well
  7. Take all trash bags and put in outdoor receptacles. Be sure trash can lids are latched in place so our woodland friends don't get into it. A $75 fee applies if garbage is not bagged and/or trash can lids not secured.
  8. Lock doors and windows
  9. Ensure hot tub and ping pong table covers are on.

Please Note: A $35.00 per hour excessive cleaning fee will apply to cabin departed without following check-out procedures and that are left excessively dirty. Pictures will accompany the request for additional cleaning funds.  
Leave us a note on the scratch paper in the kitchen or send a text with any accidental breakage (it happens! no worries) or a list of things that didn't work right for you. Knowing about it can help me fix it before the next guest.

Please check out promptly so I can prepare the house for the next guest. Your door codes will be deactivated approximately 15 minutes after your scheduled departure time.

    Equipment & Furnishings: Any type of equipment, mechanical and furniture failures/problems with the lodge during guest's stay must be reported immediately. Guest is financially liable for any damages to lodge that transpired due to negligence/failure to report equipment failure/problems to host. This may include but not limited to visible water leaks, damages that occurred due to failure of appliances, and damages that occurred due to observable faulty wiring. Guest grants host and/or host representative the right to enter cabin during guest's stay when guest reports equipment failures and problems. Repairs will be made as quickly as possible. Guest will inform host during initial communication of problem if guest would like to be present during maintenance/repairs. Host will give 24 hours notice to guest for non-emergency maintenance/repairs. Cabin access for emergency repairs may occur immediately or without notice to guest if cabin and guest is at risk.  Guest will be financially responsible for any damage guest inflicts to equipment, mechanical and furnishings during guest stay, sans normal wear and tear.

    Linens & Supplies: Bed, kitchen, and bath linens are provided along with kitchenware and utensils. Excessive damage outside normal wear and tear such as but not limited to stains, rips, holes, burns etc. will result in a replacement fee. 

    Fireplaces: Wood-burning fireplaces are not to be used April 15th through October 15th. Fireplaces can be used October 16 through April 14th. The flue must be left open when fireplace is in use, and never leave a fire unattended in the cabin. At no time may guest cut wood on the premises. Two bundles of firewood is provided for guest use inside the cabin and there is firewood in the plastic storage box next to the fire pit for outdoor fires. Never use outdoor firewood indoors as the outdoor firewood is pine wood and contains creosote, which will clog up chimney.

    Water: Rustic Ridge Lodge has well water which has been tested and is safe to drink (7/2023). If you prefer, you may bring bottled water for drinking but host uses the well water and has included a water filtering carafe in the refrigerator.

    Cell Service: Cell phone service is pretty good here but is not guaranteed. Some service providers are more accessible than others. Verizon and T-Mobile seems to work well. You can also use wi-fi calling if you sign into guest wifi.

    WIFI and TV: Our Wi-Fi is pretty good. With that said it is probably not at strong as in metropolitan areas. Please let me know if there’s any issues. No refunds will be given for poor wi-fi signals.

    Damage To Personal Property: Rosalie has provided locks on all windows and external doors. All guests are responsible for securing their personal property in and around the property. Rosalie is not responsible for damage or theft of any guests’ personal property or vehicles at the lodge. Rosalie has provided a gate to close and lock as well as external security cameras on the parking spaces and front door. It is highly unlikely a theft will occur, but if it does, Rosalie will provide video footage and any help she can to assist you.

    Items Left Behind: Rosalie will store items found at the lodge for 30 days. Rosalie will make every effort to contact guests regarding the left items. Shipping charges + a $15 handling fee will apply to return any items.

    INDEMNIFICATION AND WAIVER: Rosalie maintains Rustic Ridge Lodge with the utmost care and highly regards guest safety. All guests are responsible for their own actions during their stay and agree to indemnify and hold Rosalie harmless in the event of any accident or occurrence in or on the premises of the cabin.

    By reserving Rustic Ridge Lodge via this website, you are agreeing to the above rental agreement. No signature is necessary.